Imposter Syndrome in Design: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Do you ever experience the feeling of being an outsider? Do you ever feel you are not good enough for your job in the designing industry? Also, do you ever experience the lack of knowledge and skill one needs to be a designer and underestimate your ability at first to work on anything even remotely related to design? 

If you constantly doubt your achievements. And the feeling of being exposed as a fraud haunts you for life, this means you are suffering from a psychological problem of self-doubt called Imposter Syndrome.  It reported that 70% of individuals feel that they are suffering from Imposter Syndrome.

However, the good news is, this is not a disease. It is a behavioural issue that every human experience in his life. But, the sad part is, people, do not talk about it openly. 

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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome?

In the designing industry, perfection and knowledge upgradation are two major elements. The pressure of doing the job right and always being on the toes to learn what is the latest in regards to design can lead to Imposter Syndrome. Here is what you need to do as a designer to overcome it. 

Realise there is a problem

It is paramount to know when you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome. Most people do not even know why they constantly self-doubt themselves. Remember, to pay attention to thoughts that emerge when you begin to underestimate your potential and doubt your achievements. The first step to overcome it is to recognize it exists in the first place. 

Express your feelings

As humans, we judge ourselves even before others judge us. This leads to keeping our feelings about something to ourselves. As designers, there is a lot of pressure of getting the job gone within a time frame and with perfection.

However, if you let your thoughts and feelings out and express those with colleagues, mentor, boss, confidant, etc. you will find other people sailing in the same boat. This might surprise you, but after expressing you will understand that the designers you think are confident and well put, suffer from these thoughts too. 

Kindness goes a long way

As a designer, you probably forget to appreciate the big wins and focus on small mistakes. It is essential to be kind to yourself. Remember, you are a human, and making mistakes is in your default system. Therefore, do not beat yourself up for petite mistakes. Learn from those, let it go, and move on. 

Have faith in yourself

The competition in the designing industry is so narrow these days. This means, if you are where you are, it is because of your sheer talent and skill set. Do not belittle your potential. Trust your designing skills and work ethics as these two are going to go a long way if you want to excel in this industry.  

Sum Up

Imposter syndrome is like a devil in our head who has the power to make us feel useless and not worthy of what we are. As a designer, once you slay this devil, you will see your real potential and will appreciate both your work and presence without any doubt.

Along with this, mental health is also an important parameter at working environment.

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