Custom vs. Standard Development: Good, Bad, and Unexpected

App development is a popular concept with hundreds of techies eager to make a difference by introducing their applications. How is it a good thing to opt for custom development? When you have the benefit of falling back on Apple’s innovative & unique designs.

Well, there are a million questions with a huge number of developers supporting Apple’s standards. Especially with the impending release of iOS 13 & SwiftUI. It is best to check out the advantages that each type offers and the go-ahead to do your own thing. After all, it is your wish that matters with expense and usability. As well as the future profitability requiring consideration as well. 

App Usability

Standard development can be defined as a prefabricated App wherein you pay for each service or subscribe to enjoy a host of services. However, you may be inclined to go with a custom App if you want your image to assume practicality. This kind of App is going to be tailor-made and compatible with your desires. Your objectives will be met to your satisfaction too. 

Unfortunately, developing an App from scratch comes with its pitfalls as well. You need to consider using it in both light & dark modes. Apple, on the contrary, allows you to use their system palette. This will enable you to create both kinds of colors without spending vast amounts of time or going through the trial & error process. 

App Expense

Custom Apps tend to be expensive for the developer, especially when there is little or no support from the proven software developers. You cannot hope to make the newly developed App perform equally well on all devices right from the smallest to the largest and fanciest. 

Apple has your back here! This possibility is sure to make you embrace standard development as you have given assurity of total support. You can even think of running it on Mac. Thus you satisfied that the App will be accessible to millions of users worldwide instantly. You do not have to check each control and test the navigability of the features anymore. This will not only shorten the time but will save you a good amount of money as well. You are also welcome to develop the App on your own. While reducing the costs a little by making use of certain standard libraries or frameworks. Apple’s SFSymbols can prove to be a lifesaver as your font will line up perfectly with the symbols regardless of the localization or font size.  

Ease of Testing

It stands to reason that you will have fewer bugs to contend with if you are not writing all the codes. Your content will be accessible despite localization, and that helps to eliminate an entire range of bugs. You will not have to test very closely, trying to fix random bugs that spring up suddenly either. This will enable you to focus on business logic instead of trying to solve problems that the user is sure to face. 

The bottom line

Well, there are no absolutes when it comes to making a comparison between custom and standard development, though. Both come with their own set of pluses, with the weak points eliminated gradually through expertise and experience.

App development task is not as easy as it looks. But if you follow the guidance it will become much easier.

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