How much time does it Take to Develop an Application?

It is quite impossible to get going without the support of the right apps on your mobile phone or handheld device today. It is no wonder that Google Play Store and the corresponding App store from Apple enjoy millions of downloads every day courtesy their consumers (Source: Statista). An entrepreneur, eager to get on to the bandwagon to develop an application. Which would have the right skills, no doubt. Still, the time requires for the development of apps also needs to consider carefully to remain in the cut-throat competition. 

There is no specific amount of time that you can dedicate when you are in a hurry. Though, as with all things, you need to conduct extensive research to delve into the real scenario. Sure, a small application will take less time to develop as opposed to a bigger one. This is a no-brainer, but you have to consider the following aspects to get a realistic idea of what is at stake. 

App Scope of the Requirement

It would be best if you create a detailed list that includes all the features that you would like to capture. This would help you to come up with the extent of your requirements. As well as enable you to understand its scope. You would be able to get it complete within a week. Or two if your app is a small one or gives or takes an additional month for a bigger one. However, you might also need to check the market for related Apps and take note of the features in vogue. 

Creating UI/UX Design

You need to create the wireframe initially. It will be based on your requirement. Have the graphical UI design ready by using the right font, themes, colours, and images for the new app. This can be done in 3 to 4 weeks if your app is a simple one. However, do not hesitate to confer with multiple UI/UX experts for more complex and bigger sized apps. This will require you to spend at least 9 to 10 weeks on it. 

App Development and Testing

You would like to incorporate as many features as possible within your app. This is expected of startup companies and entrepreneurs just beginning to build their companies. The exact time for development will depend on the number of features as well as the type of the company. 

You would also want to have a suitable backend for the app. Whether you plan to create an iOS or Android app, it should be done at the same time as backend development. Smaller apps development is likely to take up to 2 months. While a larger one can go on for 6 months with technical architecture, functions implementation, UI coding, backend setup. And develop simultaneously with integration and testing is done after the entire process is up and ready. 

Beta Testing And Deployment

Developing the app is not the endgame, though. You would have to do beta testing to check for bugs and fix them. Spend at least a couple of weeks on it before deploying it finally.

Average time to develop mobile app through deployment_Whitelion
Average time to develop mobile app through deployment

Yes, develop an application would cost you a sizable amount. However, you can ensure quality by outsourcing your need for a reputed company with proven skills.

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