How Much Does On-Demand Grocery App Development Costs?

Grocery buying is no more a routine task as On-Demand Grocery Apps have revolutionized the entire way grocery is being shopped. Now, it is more of an experience for the customers no matter what age. As per a recent survey, 50% of individuals from the age-group of 25-30 prefer to buy groceries online. Have a look at this.

Of course, soaring profits of such Grocery Apps continue to attract new players to foray in this segment. Long Queues in Grocery shops are now a thing of the past. Customized grocery shopping with the help of dynamic grocery apps is the future of the grocery. If you too have been toying with an idea to jump on the bandwagon of launching your dedicated online Grocery App. Then here read on about the factors that you require to know:-

Analyze The Target Market of grocery app

However, you need to plan business by analyzing it and not merely the current trend. Also, the upcoming trends that may involve the integration of advanced AI.

Area Of Operation

Deciding about the area of operation is a decisive aspect of your business. Thus, you need to analyze the pros and cons of all prospective areas that you have in mind. 

Legal Compliances

Legal compliances are going to be a massive task. So, you need to prepare yourself well for the same to ensure experiencing no legal hassles in the future. 

Delivery System

Delivery is the backbone of online Grocery apps. So, you need to ensure setting up a swift delivery system to attract more customers in minimal time. 

Most Important Features of an online Grocery App

  • Sign Up and Sign In
  • 24*7customer support
  • Profile Management
  • Seamless loading 
  • Product Listings and Browsing
  • Filter and Search
  • Order History
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Secure Payment options
  • Shopping Cart
  • Referral Points
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Customer-friendly intuitive interface
  • Discounts
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Push notifications

An equally important, by designing the apt business model, you will be able to connect and communicate with target customers to convert them into loyal consumers. 

Factors meant to help in assessing the cost related to developing and designing an online grocery app:-

  • Business Model         
  • Platform Selection 
  • The complexity of the app     
  • The number of devoted platforms      
  • The chosen country

The cost of developers based in a developed country like “U.K and U.S are going to be higher than the cost of developers based in developing countries like India. To develop a foolproof app, comprising of Android coding and limited features can be concluded. By based on the division of integrated activities including:-

  • Volume Of Development Team
  • Technological Documentation
  • UI/UX design
  • Back-end and Front-end development. 
  • QA and testing. 
  • Upgradation and Maintenance


For a single platform (either Android or iOS), the cost of an online grocery app may begin from $10,000. And may go on to increase based on the number of features. More the number of features is integrated, more will be the cost of an app. Opting for a cross-platform app may raise the cost of the app, and it may go beyond $50,000. Therefore, what matters most is that the list related to the most preferred features is made. And based on that, features are integrated into an online grocery app.

Nowadays, need of on-demand apps have increased then ever before. Do have a look for guidance on the same.

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